Our Services

New Construction
New construction projects have their own specific requirements, such as expedited schedules, multiple phases, working and coordinating with and around many other trades, as well as working multiple shifts.  Our staff of project managers and painters has the experience and skills to overcome any obstacle and work efficiently under any condition.    Our new construction experience consists of Medical Facilities and Hospitals, Education Buildings, Multi-family High Rise Residential, Industrial Facilities, Office Buildings, Interior Build-outs, Hotels, Entertainment facilities, Big Box Retail, and others.

Existing Facilities
Our staff has the wide range of skills needed in any remodeling, renovation, and restoration project. Our experienced craftsmen are trained in the application processes, removal processes, and protection of the wide variety of coatings and finishes found in and around existing facilities. Our painters have refined the craft of matching almost any applied finish and specialize in preparing existing substrates to accept new finishes, while understanding the importance of preserving the architectural details of historical restoration projects.  Oosterbaan & Sons understands that working with and being sensitive to the occupants in existing facilities are important factors in making the construction experience pleasant and seamless for them, and our client.

Oosterbaan & Sons has had over 100 years of experience in all facets of painting, including that of maintaining facilities that are occupied and/or in service.  Working with building engineers and maintenance personnel has been a crucial ingredient to our long lasting maintenance accounts.  We can provide you the painting and finishing, equipment, and craftsmen that are needed to keep your facility looking fresh.

Scaffolding and Stage Work
We have the expertise and skills to work on almost any project no matter how inaccessible it seems.  Our painters are skilled in using, constructing, and dismantling all types of scaffolding, stage work, and lift equipment.  The vast amount of scaffolding equipment we have on hand, allows us to reach almost any height or location necessary to complete the project safely and efficiently.

Specialty Finishes
Oosterbaan & Sons has skilled craftsmen that can handle any specialty coating application.  Faux finishing, such as marbling and wood graining, Metallic Coatings, High Performance Epoxy Coatings, Multi-Spec Coatings such as Zolatone, and Erasable Marker Board or Chalkboard Paint, are some of the common specialty coatings in our arsenal. New technologies in specialty finishes are constantly being developed and we pride ourselves in providing the training and knowledge required to keep up with this ever changing industry.

Wall Coverings
There is a wide range of wall covering types, colors and textures.  One of the benefits of being a company that has stood for over a hundred years is the vast experience that has been passed down from generations.  With the many varieties of wall coverings, comes the need for a variety of skills in regards to their application.  Our wall covering specialists are highly skilled and experienced in the installation of many types of vinyl, fabric, wood, glass bead, acoustical, erasable marker board wall covering, and many other wall covering varieties that are available.

Churches and Places of Worship
The restoration of Churches and places of worship is one of Oosterbaan & Sons specialties.  Throughout our history, we have completed over 100 churches.  With this history comes a vast knowledge and experience in all facets of restoring Churches and other Religious Buildings.  Our craftsman have expertise in all types of faux finishing, plastering, gold leaf, murals, and any other specialty finish you can find in Religious Building applications.